To Hoot or Not To Hoot

To Hoot or Not To Hoot…
I get the question “Do you use Hootsuite?” pretty often from business professionals and friends when asking about my work. I quickly respond after a reaction that some can compare to a look of disgust with, “not one bit!”
No offense to #Hootsuite…for some people this software may be a life saver, but I have NOT had the same experience. I also don’t like to judge before experiencing, so I tested out for a couple […]

Hurricane Irma Support for Clients

Callan Group Communications wants to help our past clients get back to normal as fast as possible after Hurricane Irma!
We already have your old template and contact list so we can react quickly to support you getting the word out to your customers with hours of operation, any damage sustained, support/supplies needed and possibly specials/coupons to get business back through your doors!
We understand how important it is at this time to communicate with your customers so for the month […]

The Power of Google

We wanted to share a recent success story!
Our client, the Little Black Photo Booth in Daytona Beach has the FULL digitally evolved package with Callan Group Communications and we cover every area of their marketing for them online. Are you currently on Facebook for your business? Twitter? Instagram? Google +? If you answered NO to any of the previous questions, we should sit down!
Online marketing is an interesting journey to climb, and seeing results for our clients grow and […]

Association & Non-Profit Experience

We have the honor of working with some pretty amazing groups locally. With our extensive non-profit experience we capitalize our marketing and management efforts to grow organizations and help them run their best!
Often times we create so many volunteers who want to step up that organizations have to have elections because so many people want to get more involved. Like the featured picture that was taken at the 2017 Building Association Managers of Volusia elections with Jeff Drucker from […]

Newsletters Still Work

With our nine year anniversary of delivering professional email newsletters approaching next month, we want to remind you of the continued importance sending regular campaigns is for your business, non-profit or association!
Newsletters are a vehicle to drive traffic to your website, social platforms and through your door. When done correctly, newsletters prove to be one of your most valuable marketing tools!
We recommend sending a minimum of once a month! Most of our clients send weekly because numbers don’t […]

You May Be a ‪#‎DigitalDinosaur‬

If you think Instagram is for “young people” you may be a ‪#‎DigitalDinosaur‬
We started the “Civil War Sales” Instagram account on a Sunday night after picking up a new client at the Civil War Show in Charleston and within a few hours they already had over 400 like-minded REAL followers. People were “tagging” their friends letting them know to check out the merchandise and the hearts came flying in.
We are experienced and educated on how to get the RIGHT […]

Don’t Be Annoyed…I’m In Marketing

We’re friends on Facebook or Instagram. You thought you wanted to keep in touch with my life or maybe follow because you thought I was cute. After a few days you realized, damn this girl asks me to “like” or “follow” something every day. Annoying? To some, sure, but I’m in marketing people!
I own two businesses. I have dozens of clients and I have tons of friends who own businesses, too. Of course, I’m going to ask you to […]

Sample Proposal Sent To Prospect

It begins with a phone call or email. We are pleased to know the prospect on the line was referred to Callan Group Communications from a trusted partner. That always kicks off the conversation positively. WE LOVE REFERRALS and 100% of our clients have come from them for 6 out of our 9 years in business.
Our community partners know that when they recommend our services that we:
A.) know what we are doing and have the proven results & experience to execute their […]

Public Relations + Event Management = Success

With vast experience working with national non-profits for nearly 20 years, our event management talents exceed expectations. We love bringing education to all events and are hired for one-time needs or public relations on an ongoing basis where we incorporate both.
Recently we teamed up with Todd Patrick & Co. Salon for our client, Tempus Hair Restoration for “Operation Hundreds of Heads”. With a team effort, we executed an amazing event that boosted both businesses on social, in black and […]

Email Marketing Presentation – Break Through the Inbox Clutter & More

Thursday, May 18 at 11:30 AM – 1 PM
LPGA International – 1000 Champions Dr, Daytona Beach, Florida 32124
This presentation will dive deeper into the email marketing maze, teaching you time-saving shortcuts including:
* How to build fresh email lists
* What type of content gets read
* The template game – making your newsletter look professional
* Subject line “do’s”
* CAN-SPAM laws
* How often to send
* How to incorporate social media effectively
* Effective tracking – what it all means
* Plan in advance every 6 […]