Callan Group Communications has proven results of TELLING YOUR STORY while CONNECTING THE DOTS. With obvious ambition, 20 years experience and a solid network of influential associates, our crew has the ability to ensure your business doesn’t become prehistoric.

Digital Di
Diane Michael

Entrepreneur, Food Truck Leading Lady, Avid Writer, Focused Fundraiser, Insta-Enthusiast, Daughter & Loyal to the Core! What’s left out is that she’s a motivator. She posses the ability to light the fire inside her crew, clients and associates. Watching her interns/team start their own businesses and seeing clients push through uncomfortable growing pains is the icing on the cake for Diane.

Starting her first business in November 2006 has given Diane purpose – to motivate others and to create new boundaries.

Connecting the dots… telling your story… it’s what allows Diane to live out her purpose!

Diane’s LinkedIn profile
P: 386-538-1083

Account Manager
Justine Mancini

Justine works with Callan Group Communication clients in multiple capacities. Her most current role as account manager entails event bookings, digital strategies, customer service,  and a ton of behind the scenes office work that is crucial for every account. She recently started her own business, No Diets No Masters which is a food positive, recovery blog. She also is an extremely talented tarot card reader.


Holy Computer Issues, Batman
Justin Brown

Over the years Justin has worn many different hats, professionally. The one that he is most passionate about is a Technology Problem Solver! From working the helpdesk for nation-wide corporations to setting up server systems for local businesses, Justin has been on the job since 2009. Even the smallest mom and pop shop get quality attention when Justin is involved. His tenacity keeps him chipping away at issues until they’ve been resolved; his honesty, however, is what builds the foundation for lasting working-relationships.
P: 386-341-1554

Our Graphics Guy
Greg Hunter is not only our “Graphics Guy” he is our “Go-To Guy” for so many different needs! Our clients benefit from our partnership working with Greg. He is the founder and owner of the Argyle Agency and recently purchased Speedway Custom Photo Lab. With over 15 years of experience in graphic design and photography, he is responsible for establishing the creative design direction and development for all graphic and photography projects. He has a full range of design experience in print, brand identity, advertising and web, as well as designing for unique, individual needs.

Speedway Custom Photo Lab
P: 386-451-1075

Our Videographer
Marlon, aka “The Hat Fella”, joined the CGC Crew in 2018 when he was introduced to us by a Your Restaurant. He is a visual genius that can see angles that others may miss. With drone capabilities and close attention to detail, “The Hat Fella” is ready to make your story come alive! Request a quote today!

Marlon was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and moved to the United States with the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur. When he started College at Indiana University in 2010, it didn’t take long for him to find his love and passion for Film Production. After getting a telecommunications degree, at IU, Marlon made a decision to pursue his passion for film by moving to Orlando to attend Full Sail University. At Full Sail, Marlon worked hard to achieve his goal of being selected as Director for the Class Thesis Project. Marlon Graduated from Full Sail in 2016 with a Masters in Film Production. Now meshing his dreams of being an entrepreneur and a film director, Marlon is working with local companies to provide advertising videos and marketing advice.

SMART Office – Clyde Park

Demo Reel

SMART Office – Clyde Park Introductory Video

Hire the CGC Crew

Do you like what you see?

Let’s talk and find out if you like what you hear. Then we’ll meet and see if it’s a good match. That’s the special ingredient to making this wise investment. We want relationships that last a lifetime. To do that – we need to mesh. Same goes for anyone you may be prospecting.

Another key to finding the right crew to handle your marketing is seeing if that firm practices what they preach. Your number one client should always be yourself and we definitely put the oxygen mask on us first. That “self-love” treatment was taught to us by the incredible Jan Gage with Gage Publications. If the firm you’re hiring doesn’t handle their own marketing the way they’re telling you to pay them to do I would want to know why.

Offices in Ormond Beach at Fountain Square Mall and Port Orange.

I have known and worked with Diane for over three years now and have yet to meet a more driven or enthusiastic individual. The sincere love and labor she devotes to every account she handles is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a loyal partner who will invest herself and her company in your brand/business, and go above and beyond the call of duty… look no further. She will work SO hard for your company, so you don’t have to.

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