Client Spotlight: Gage Publications

Callan Group Communications (CGC) has been honored to be the chosen firm to work with Gage Publications since 2010. We met Jan and Marty Gage and knew immediately we would be a winning team. Gage Publications has been delivering magazines to Volusia and Flagler Counties since 2001. They had five impressive magazines including Halifax, Flagler, New Smyrna, Deland and Ormond. The recognized nine years ago that they wanted to offer a digital experience for their readers. They started with [...]

Step Up Your LinkedIn Game

Over the past decade, we have seen many internet fads and social media trends come and go. As world savvy marketers, it is our job to not only know what is IN but also what is NECESSARY for your business to thrive year after year. In 2019, that "it trend" is LinkedIn for Business. You may already use LinkedIn as a way to represent you as a professional individual, and LinkedIn is great for that! You can use it to [...]

They May Be Annoying, But They Work

Email newsletters not only still work but they have one of the highest return of investments for your business. Whether you have a gift shop or an engineering firm, CGC will help you keep in touch with your customers, retain them and have them become your raving fans and an extension of your sales force! Listen to our recent vLog to find out why they still work, how often you should send, what type of content and more! Request a quote to [...]

Video Helps Tell Your Story

Marlon, aka "The Hat Fella", joined the CGC Crew in 2018 when he was introduced to us by Your Restaurant. He is a visual genius that can see angles that others may miss. With drone capabilities and close attention to detail, "The Hat Fella" is ready to make your story come alive! Marlon was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and moved to the United States with the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur. When he started College at Indiana University [...]

The Pricing Game

Listen to how Callan Group Communications structures our pricing options, how we keep our overhead low and why we don't "over charge" a client if we know we can! Click HERE

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire

Tears were shed last night at our client's meeting when our creative director was presented with a surprise! The President of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, East Central Chapter and his wife presented Diane with a commemorative brick that will forever be on the new bridge that is being built over Silver Beach. They have a Veteran's Memorial opportunity where individuals can purchase bricks in honor and in memory of Veterans. Diane was awarded for her military service and for her [...]

Do You Really Have The Time & Expertise?

Being an entrepreneur or business owner may often seem like you have to tackle every aspect of your business on your own (especially if you are a small business), but chances are high that you don't have the time to excel at everything your business requires you to. Take marketing and content creation as an example. You know these are essential to your business growth, but are they your forte? You love your field or your industry, and you're both [...]

Callan Group Communications Celebrates 10 Years in Business

When Diane Michael got a call from her father asking for her to fly to Port Orange to take care of him post-op from having all arteries to his heart replaced, she dropped everything left San Diego the following day. After spending a week cooking and cleaning while taking care of her dad, this energetic entrepreneur decided to contact the local Humane Society and host a fundraiser while she was in town. In San Diego, Michael ran a successful business where [...]

Book Food Trucks for Your Next Event

Food trucks have really blown up in popularity over the past five years, and with good reason. Who doesn't smile as soon as they see a food truck pull up? Food trucks are a convenient (and not to mention TRENDY) way to feed a large group, with different options, in a short amount of time if necessary, without having to resort to something like a sandwich platter from the supermarket - which, let's face it - is not fresh, [...]

A Google Alert A Day Keeps the Negativity at Bay

It is important to be constantly monitoring how your brand and business show up online. However, you're also super busy - scheduling meetings, designing product, networking, and trying to live your life outside of your business. Trying to monitor all social networks, blogs, online newsletters, discussion groups, and more is just too time-consuming. How can you monitor your brand more efficiently? Besides hiring a marketing agency (like Callan Group!) to take care of your online reputation for you, you [...]