Callan Group Communications are featured speakers on a regular basis. Our seminar style programs are also favorites in non-profit retreats, large scale expos and other business-related presentations.

Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur

Whether you’re an employee, director or volunteer, our “Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur” presentation will educate attendees how to be more effective and relevant in this digital world. Tips, tricks and success stories will be shared. To schedule contact us.

Competition is Cool

Too often businesses compete without thinking. With our proven strategies we share ways that working together locally has benefited the big picture and bottom line for all involved. Callan Group Communications has trained many individuals who have started their own similar businesses and we think that’s cool! This seminar will explain the history of competition and explain ways to work together to grow. To schedule contact us.

How To (Newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & More)

From creating a LinkedIn account to writing code for a newsletter template, our experienced marketers can explain “how to”. To schedule contact us.