AirBnB Seminars in Ormond Beach, FL

STAY TUNED – AirBnB Seminars to be held in January & February. Whether you’re a traveler who doesn’t have experience booking AirBnB properties or you want to list your unit, our team will educate attendees on everything one needs to know to gain the best experience possible. The seminars will take place in Ormond Beach in January & February. To get on the list, email Diane.

AirBnb Marketing

Callan Group Communications and Imagine Wanderlust have teamed up to become a luxury marketing and management duo for AirBnB hosts and travelers alike. After traveling to Italy the summer of 2016, Diane Michael of Callan Group Communications and Lisa Cherie of Imagine Wanderlust realized their shared desire to see the world while working. After staying in AirBnB units in Rome, Florence and Venice, the dynamic duo decided to combine their talents and add an AirBnB marketing option to their established [...]

Instagram For Your Business

If you’re not using a business Instagram page to increase your profits, you may be a digital dinosaur. Instagram has quickly turned into a revenue generating machine for businesses in just six years! As of June 2016, the mobile photo sharing platform reached 500 million monthly active users (Source: Statista). If your business isn’t posting daily, at the minimum, you are definitely a digital dinosaur! Creating a business page is simple and free! But it’s not one of those sites where [...]

Featured Client: The Good Food Truck

Have a holiday party coming up & want something different to do for your dedicated staff? Hire The Good Food Truck! The Good Food Truck is a fan favorite locally at rallies, fundraisers, breweries and corporate locations. They are contacted regularly to host lunch at office buildings for staff appreciation and special occasions. Why not book them for your holiday party? Since The Real Chef Mark and his team are so sought after, they are almost completely booked so contact Justine [...]

Don’t Be Prehistoric

If your digital portfolio doesn’t score an A+ your business may become extinct! We heard time and time again that Facebook was a fad, now it’s highly unusual for a business to not have a page. Same goes with many other digital sites. Keeping all of them updated and knowing the constant changing settings each one requires is time consuming and at times overwhelming. CGC loves doing a FREE digital profile for any business that wants to know their footprint score. [...]