If you’re not using a business Instagram page to increase your profits, you may be a digital dinosaur.

Instagram has quickly turned into a revenue generating machine for businesses in just six years! As of June 2016, the mobile photo sharing platform reached 500 million monthly active users (Source: Statista). If your business isn’t posting daily, at the minimum, you are definitely a digital dinosaur!

Creating a business page is simple and free! But it’s not one of those sites where you should have someone inexperienced managing your daily posts. Creating a solid following that turns into new business takes someone who has extensive experience on multiple pages in various industries.

Callan Group Approved
If your business or marketing team is doing the following, your page is being managed properly:

  • Visually exciting theme
  • Posts made daily, at minimum, CGC recommends four
  • Each image uses hashtags that support interested new followers
  • Using hashtags that travel
  • Contact button is displayed & completely filled out
  • Your profile clearly states your “elevator speech” along with hours of operation
  • Insights are turned on
  • Respond to any DM in 24 hours

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