Client Spotlight: Gage Publications

Callan Group Communications (CGC) has been honored to be the chosen firm to work with Gage Publications since 2010. We met Jan and Marty Gage and knew immediately we would be a winning team. Gage Publications has been delivering magazines to Volusia and Flagler Counties since 2001. They had five impressive magazines including Halifax, Flagler, New Smyrna, Deland and Ormond. The recognized nine years ago that they wanted to offer a digital experience for their readers. They started with [...]

Step Up Your LinkedIn Game

Over the past decade, we have seen many internet fads and social media trends come and go. As world savvy marketers, it is our job to not only know what is IN but also what is NECESSARY for your business to thrive year after year. In 2019, that "it trend" is LinkedIn for Business. You may already use LinkedIn as a way to represent you as a professional individual, and LinkedIn is great for that! You can use it to [...]

The Pricing Game

Listen to how Callan Group Communications structures our pricing options, how we keep our overhead low and why we don't "over charge" a client if we know we can! Click HERE

Callan Group Communications Celebrates 10 Years in Business

When Diane Michael got a call from her father asking for her to fly to Port Orange to take care of him post-op from having all arteries to his heart replaced, she dropped everything left San Diego the following day. After spending a week cooking and cleaning while taking care of her dad, this energetic entrepreneur decided to contact the local Humane Society and host a fundraiser while she was in town. In San Diego, Michael ran a successful business where [...]

Expanding Service Offering: Surveys

With the growing theme of opinion-based feedback, Callan Group Communications (CGC) is expanding their survey offerings. We hear a ton of comments in our industry. Everything from, people don't give their email addresses out to their customers feelings on sales and hours of operation. The question is always the same, when have you last surveyed them? With detailed technology at our fingertips it is easier than ever to gain information. Callan Group Communications has always administered surveys and suggested to clients [...]