Callan Group Communications responds on behalf of many of our clients on their platforms. Because we are an extension of their marketing and business development, we understand how to communicate their company goals and culture and do this by way of responding in their voice over dozens of platforms.

This was a response we received from a newsletter that was sent out for one of our clients. We didn’t change grammatical or spelling errors.

“Obviously u have music on Thursday. I messaged you about the job as the dj and was blown off. If you dont need a dj please stop sending me messages trying to promote your events!”

Our response:

Hi! This is the marketing team. So sad to know you don’t want to know about our happenings anymore.

To ensure you don’t receive newsletters from us, at the bottom of the email is an unsubscribe option that is required by CANSPAM Laws and ensures your removal. Please select that if you don’t want our newsletter.

We are a new business and want to keep in contact with everyone since things change often with great feedback, positive comments, and supportive humans.

Thank you for your email.

~ The Marketing Team


Unfortunately, it’s too easy these days to have someone review in a negative way because they didn’t get a job, were fired, or don’t like competition. Fortunately, they sent this message in an email and not a review but responding to every message in a positive way is the best practice that we see that works.

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