It begins with a phone call or email. We are pleased to know the prospect on the line was referred to Callan Group Communications from a trusted partner. That always kicks off the conversation positively. WE LOVE REFERRALS and 100% of our clients have come from them for 6 out of our 9 years in business.

Our community partners know that when they recommend our services that we:
A.) know what we are doing and have the proven results & experience to execute their referral’s needs
B.) are positioned financially strong with little overhead offering affordable monthly options
C.) have an extremely talented team & vast network of professionals to get the job done
D.) will get to their referral in a timely manner providing them with detailed information & an outline of services

Here is a sample of a recent proposal that was sent to a referral. As you can see we gave them a strategic three month blueprint of a social media/newsletter campaign. This was developed after having a ten minute conversation with the busy prospect. We are happy to say that we will begin working with this client in August.

Dear Prospect,

Sounds like you have a great opportunity to reach more with your talents at a very affordable rate to hundreds…thousands in time. I see this catching on very quickly. In fact, I know a ton of people who would benefit. It is cost-effective, time sensitive and sounds pretty simple!

It would be an honor to work for you! Callan Group Communications is confident that our quick results will impress you from the start! We desire to work with you long-term but offer many options to help your business in multiple ways.

To begin a new venture like yours I would recommend the program below. Our fee for these services is XXXXX and are month-to-month (we ask for a 30 day notice of moving in a different direction on both sides). To begin all we need are your passwords/admin access to all platforms and we become your marketing gurus! All content, context and conversations are 100% private never to be shared with any third parties outside of Callan Group Communications. Content. Content and images will be secured in a mutual Google Drive account for all to access. I look forward to talking with you on Friday at 1:30pm.

**This proposal is meant for your eyes only. Please do not share with any third parties. Thank you.**


– Set up Facebook business page, link to Twitter (create Twitter page) and post 3 times/day
– Posts should be directed towards individuals who are engaged
– Campaign to attract new business (sponsored posts – this is a separate budget directed to target audience with budget that can be set daily)

– Create business page, post daily
– Posts should be individuals who are engaged & how affordable online option is
– Follow like-minded people

– Send intro letter to previous clients about new service focusing on time, fee and geared for referrals
– Mimic the look of your website and connect to all social platforms (this is sent through MailChimp and may have additional costs associated)

– Continue to post 3 times/day with focus on “first year check-up”
– Campaign about time, affordable option for busy professionals in their first year of marriage

– Continue to post 1/day with focus on benefits: time, affordable option for busy professionals in their first year of marriage
– Set up a contest to gain more followers
– Follow like-minded people

– Send to database asking for reviews on Facebook

– Continue to post 3 times/day with focus on “3 year itch”
– Review campaign success to determine continuing

– Continue to post 1/day with focus on focus on “3 year itch”
– Review contest results
– Follow like-minded people
– Possible paid campaign (additional through Instagram)

– Send to database thanking all for successful first quarter!

If you are looking for a great referral partner we would love to learn more about your clients and how we can benefit one another. As you can see, our “get to the point” approach follows the KISS method and is highly effective. We also offer digital profiles free of charge for businesses that are established who are either looking to outsource their marketing or change their current representation.

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