It’s important to check out a business that you want to hire. I know when I do, I check them out on Google. I listen closely to their story of how they started. I ask them about their goals. And I listen to see if they are truly practicing what they preach. For example if someone is looking for a pool builder, is that builder involved in an association specialized in their industry? Does this pool company respond to reviews online in a timely manner? If they believe in the hot tubs they’re selling, do any of their staff own their own at home? Do their employees get regular continuing education options? So many things to ask to see if this business is a “fly by the seat of their pants” company or one that truly believes in their services and products. You get it.

Quick questions can identify if a business is practicing what they preach and truly believe in not only what they’re culture and mission is but also dedicated in the industry in which they’re in.

When Callan Group Communications does a digital profile on a business, we give a road map with directions on how to build a marketing footprint that works. In the consultation meeting we go over all aspects. What I love about our 11 year old business is that if we recommend it we either do it ourselves or have done it before. We absolutely do not sell anything we don’t have experience with proven results for ourselves to our clients.

If you’re looking at a marketing firm, CGC recommends to check them out on what they’re pitching to you. If they recommend a print ad, do they also promote their services by the same medium? If they said you need to update your website, how updated is theirs? We feel it’s important to practice what you preach and highly recommend for you to do when looking at hiring any company.

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