Want to throw a pool party but you don’t have a pool?
Well, there’s now a solution for that!

Swimply is a new platform that allows you to rent a pool by the hour! This platform allows owners to put their pool up for others to use at an hourly rate. The rates currently range for $35 to $200 per hour. However, we found that most average around $45-$60 an hour.

With this popular new trend, many homeowners will want to take advantage of this new potential income stream. In order to get top dollar, they will need to make sure their pool is in tip top shape! Whether that means having their pools cleaned more often or upgrading what they have to increase the hourly rate, you can bet these homeowners will be looking for the best company to take care of all of their pool needs.

Callan Group Communications has worked in the pool and spa industry since 2015. Our team has worked for the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) currently managing two of their 14 Chapters in Daytona Beach and Fort Myers/Naples. We provide Association Management which includes coordinating monthly meetings, communications with members, outreach to prospective members, fundraising, public relations and more.

CGC also has several pool companies that are in our portfolio who have all seen almost immediate results with bringing on new clients, retaining large ones and getting their unique message to the masses.

We are always looking for more reliable companies to market in the pool industry and bring a wealth of experience in the category. Contact us for a digital profile on your business today.

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