Being an entrepreneur or business owner may often seem like you have to tackle every aspect of your business on your own (especially if you are a small business), but chances are high that you don’t have the time to excel at everything your business requires you to. Take marketing and content creation as an example. You know these are essential to your business growth, but are they your forte?

You love your field or your industry, and you’re both passionate and knowledgeable about it. That’s amazing and certainly respectable. However, can you translate that passion and knowledge into something your potential clients and customers can grasp?

Chances are that you don’t have the time to, and that’s where Callan Group Communications comes in! We are both marketers and ghostwriters, with ten years experience. We are unique in that not only can we learn ANY industry, but we also will write about your industry from the viewpoint of your audience. Sure, there may be a lot of technical terms or statistics that are essential for you in your business, but will your audience really “get it” or do they need it in layman’s terms? By writing from the viewpoint of your intended reader, we are able to break down the barrier between industry and outside audience by connecting the dots of your story to tell a tale that makes you relatable to your potential clients and customers. Relating to your audience is the best way to convert say, newsletter subscribers into actual sales!

And when Callan Group says “any industry,” we mean it! We have had successful experience in all sorts of businesses, from insurance companies to flower shops, food trucks to dentist’s offices, pool companies to political campaigns, high-class restaurants to charities, and many more. We get to the heart of your message and deliver relatable, relevant, and interesting content to the masses to get your name out to the public!

Stop trying to “do it all” and outsource to the experts – your target audience is waiting for you!

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