Company Culture – Very Important!
Maybe it’s not about the job pool, maybe it’s about you.

Does your business ever think about what your company’s culture is? Now more than ever, it is harder to attract and retain a solid, effective and productive team. Why is that?

Callan Group Communications (CGC) works with a wide variety of clients and all of them have employment challenges in common. Too often, it’s overlooked by management that a company’s culture is truly important in identifying and constantly evaluating. Maybe it’s not about the job pool, maybe it’s about you!

Are you able to describe your company’s culture in three words?

When is the last time you sent an anonymous survey to your staff?

Do you send monthly newsletters to your team letting them know about your investments in the company?

How often are you meeting with the entire group?

Would your employees recommend your business as a place to work to their friends?

We have proven results on learning your industry and engaging with your staff to find out crucial identifiers for leadership’s knowledge into their employee’s mindsets. Let CGC find out what your company’s culture is and create a plan on how to maintain a positive environment to work.

We should live to work not work to live.

Listen to some other suggestions on ways to keep your company culture in check.


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