What is your marketing plan for the remainder of 2021?

Some businesses may decide not to start a new marketing plan until the beginning of the new year, don’t fall into that trap!!! End of the year marketing is very important. There are many benefits to pumping up your marketing in November and December.

First, people are shopping! They are looking for a gift for a spouse, child, friend or family member that is different from anything else they will get from someone else. So, although you may not be a business that generally benefits from the holiday rush, you may be the perfect gift for a special someone.

Second, the extra marketing those last few months could give you the extra push to meet those year end goals! Beat your past year end record. Sprint to the finish line. Don’t let your goals pass you by. You can get there with the right plan and the right marketing partners.

Third, you may have some extra cash this year that needs to be spent. Ask your CPA if you need to spend some marketing dollars. Often times, Callan Group Communications has clients who understand that if they don’t use it, they lose it. There’s no need to waste money that is an investment into your business now and in the future.

Last but definitely NOT least, it will give you a big boost for the beginning of the year. You may get pre-orders for the start of the new year. You may have customers who will mark their calendars to call you at the start of the year to get a project under way. You never know who is going to see your advertising. It is always exciting to have a big start to your year. It gives you the motivation to get going and set big goals!

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