Food trucks have really blown up in popularity over the past five years, and with good reason. Who doesn’t smile as soon as they see a food truck pull up? Food trucks are a convenient (and not to mention TRENDY) way to feed a large group, with different options, in a short amount of time if necessary, without having to resort to something like a sandwich platter from the supermarket – which, let’s face it – is not fresh, not customizable, and has very limited appeal.

Do you have an event coming up and think that a food truck would be a great fit? Whether it’s a house party, a customer appreciation at work, or a city-sanctioned street festival – there’s a food truck out there for you!

But how does one book a food truck here in Volusia County? Enter our very own Food Truck Movement.

We started the Movement about three years ago because I owned The Good Food Truck. We noticed that we quickly became VERY popular, and many people would call us to book our truck for special events, business luncheons, fundraisers, appreciation lunches and much more. Since our truck was so sought after, we were forced to have to start turning people away! Not wanting to leave these inquirers without any options at all, we quickly created the Movement in order to link up those with food truck needs with the trucks themselves.

The Movement functions as a simple process. We get a request for a truck and then put that out to our network. We send all details over including price, location, how many people, type of event, etc. and then the trucks respond. Once we find a good fit, we charge a small booking fee and connect the truck with the inquirer. And then everyone is all set!

We have partnered with the best of the best trucks. Ones that are following all rules, have proper forms of liability, and trusted food preparation. We are always looking to add new trucks to our network, so if you own a food truck and are interested in scoring some bookings in Volusia County, or if you are interested in having a food truck come to your event, please send an email.

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