Who is your emergency contact now that your loved one has passed? If you’ve filled out insurance paperwork or gone to a new doctor lately, you know that one question can bring a flood of emotions to the surface. Who will be contacted in the event of an emergency? Who do you trust with your medical information? If you need someone by your side, is there someone that you can count on explicitly? If you can’t drive home after a procedure, who will ensure your safety?

For those that have lost both parents, a significant other or a best friend, the question of an emergency contact can be unsettling. Thoughts of being alone may arise and being overwhelmed with concern may occur.

Replacing this name and phone number in the many files we all have in life is not an easy one. Many haven’t had to go through this awful moment yet. Whether this has already happened to you or if this is something to think about, know you are not alone. So many more people are there for you than you may realize. Take account! Start to think about how many people have offered support to you and take them up on their kindness. Say yes when people want to be there for you. It’s not easy for most of us to either ask or accept support but it’s important to feel secure in the important decisions we have to make in life.

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