What would mom say to the question, “I want to be happy?” – After Mom

Listen to thoughts on how to bring mom in and hear her words when you're going through times of grief or are seeking her advice. "After Mom" is a book written by Diane Michael that focuses o bringing memories of the past to light, forgiveness and keeping mom's memory alive. This workbook has helped hundreds of readers. It can be purchased on Amazon. << Listen to the Video >>

Universe Nudge – New Year’s Wishes For Friends (“After Mom”)

My goal for 2019 is to expand on the community of brave souls who no longer have mom or a loved one in their lives. After writing/publishing "After Mom" in March 2018, I began @UniverseNudge on Insta & FB and the accounts have grown in popularity. I want to keep in touch more and provide more insightful tips and support for this community! Please subscribe. I promise to make these videos worth your time and keep them quick so...

Effective Gratitude – Universe Nudge

Callan Group Communications Creative Director, Diane Michael, aka "Digital Di", wrote "After Mom" in 2018. During this pandemic, she offers a suggestion of practicing "effective gratitude". Listen to part of Insight 10 which goes over a "gratitude shift". If this video touched you and you want more information on the account, Universe Nudge, follow on Instagram!

Bravest Moment – Did I Deal With Saying Bye To Mom

I have been going through "The True and the Questions...a journal" by Sabrina Ward Harrison for a few years. It was a kind present from a friend. It's got beautiful artwork and thought provoking questions. ... Like the universe always nudges me at the time I need, the focus was on being brave when I saw this page. ... The quote before this page shown was, "This is so brave, so kind, all the time, your heart should tell that he loves you...