I have been going through “The True and the Questions…a journal” by Sabrina Ward Harrison for a few years. It was a kind present from a friend. It’s got beautiful artwork and thought provoking questions.

Like the universe always nudges me at the time I need, the focus was on being brave when I saw this page.

The quote before this page shown was, “This is so brave, so kind, all the time, your heart should tell that he loves you with constancy sublime.”

Well, my heart is deeply in love with someone who has decided to not be with me so I felt that was the universe speaking to me kindly. Letting me know that I am still loved.

But then, the journal part.

Although I wanted to write first that my bravest moment to date was living in this un-reciprocal love and staying in this space, I knew the bravest moment was saying goodbye to mom!

I was even in the Army and deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, which for this Private Benjamin were so scary!! Still…saying goodbye on her death bed took more from my soul then anything else.

SO, if I can still continue to do brave things, for 20 years “after mom”, I know there’s greatness in this universe and in every situation we must go through. Or rather, that we choose to.

Be brave, friends! Lots of love to you! And, while you are thinking about it. Why not make a list of your bravest moments? Dig deep. Go back to early childhood and scan up until today. See what comes up and find the love for yourself in the memories and moments!

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