How is life now that mom is gone?

How are you getting by? Have you been able to move forward and are you the best version of yourself? Is her memory alive and well? How have your relationships with family turned out? If you had blame or guilt, have you handled forgiveness in a healthy way?

If you’re anything like me, you may feel that life has really robbed you of so much love and possibility by taking your mom away prematurely. Are you brave enough to dig deeper to find peace again? Are you one of the strong, brave women who desires to go inward to heal, forgive, and live a successful life filled with fulfillment and gratitude?

These guided insights will help examine your relationship with your mom, discover forgotten memories of her death, embrace her teachings, and learn to accept apologies and practice forgiveness in order to keep her alive.

If you’re willing to dig deeper to truly heal from losing your mom, then come take the journey!


DIANE MICHAEL is a multifaceted woman who lives in Florida. Her unique ability to reinvent herself is demonstrated in her ability to evolve from her days in the military to becoming a serial entrepreneur. Diane’s passion for writing, combined with her desire to heal her wounded soul after too many years of not addressing the loss of her mom, inspired her to write her first published novel – After Mom.

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