To Print or Not to Print (Media)

To Print or Not to Print (Media) By Justine Mancini One of the many ways Callan Group Communications remains unique in this fast-paced world of marketing is our belief in Legacy Media. Legacy Media is "the old media"- particularly print media, film studios, music studios, advertising agencies, radio broadcasting, and yes, even television. Some say print is dead, we assure you – it’s not! CGC travels regularly gaining insight on cultural aspects of marketing in metro areas. We are constantly viewing what...

Company Culture – Very Important!

Company Culture - Very Important! Maybe it's not about the job pool, maybe it's about you. Does your business ever think about what your company's culture is? Now more than ever, it is harder to attract and retain a solid, effective and productive team. Why is that? Callan Group Communications (CGC) works with a wide variety of clients and all of them have employment challenges in common. Too often, it's overlooked by management that a company's culture is truly important in identifying...

Working with The Changing Algorithm  

Account Manager, Justine Mancini 9/23/2020 At Callan Group Communications, we always tout how important and necessary it is to stay on top of trends. What many people don't realize is staying on top of trends goes beyond just knowing the viral post of the day. This also means keeping an eye out for algorithm changes and trends in post engagement. One platform that often goes through more algorithm changes than most is Facebook. Yes, Facebook has been working on changing up its...

Business Development at Callan Group Communications

We love supporting our clients with business development. Hear ways we currently assist member Associations and commercial clients with their development strategies. If you need support with yours, we always offer a complimentary digital profile to guide you on your business potential and blind spots!

Universe Nudge Compass Coaching Hear about the three coaching programs offered now by Diane Michael, author of "After Mom" & Universe Nudge! Take the survey today to sign-up for a discount on "After Mom" and to schedule your first 30 minute complimentary consultation to see if we make a good fit for your grief support!

Who were you when you found out mom, or your loved one, passed?

Explore who you were when your mom, or loved one was told they had an illness and/or when they passed. Thinking and talking to that little soul may bring up some thought provoking healing opportunities! Try it out. Highley recommend. And, as always, please consider reading, "After Mom" which is available on Amazon & << Listen to the Video >>