At Callan Group Communications we provide may different types of marketing. We also provide Association and Non-Profit Management services. Today’s associations find it difficult to get enough volunteers to keep their organizations moving smoothly. That’s where we come in! We work with the Association’s, sometimes filling roles of marking, membership director, and even executive director to keep business moving along. These roles are important to any organization and we provide the attention needed to fulfill these duties. We can manage responsibilities such as membership building, special events, training seminars and fundraisers.

Adding members is the first step to growing an association and word of mouth will spread information about your association to other members in your community. Showing existing members that you are providing them with information from speakers or training demonstrates to them additional value in their membership. It also is a great way to bring in potential members and let them see what you all are providing. In addition, special events and fundraising are great ways to give back to your members through auctions, nights out, etc. all while bringing in additional revenue for the association.

Let us show you provide you with the same level of service we provide our existing clients and keep expanding your association!

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