We’re friends on Facebook or Instagram. You thought you wanted to keep in touch with my life or maybe follow because you thought I was cute. After a few days you realized, damn this girl asks me to “like” or “follow” something every day. Annoying? To some, sure, but I’m in marketing people!

I own two businesses. I have dozens of clients and I have tons of friends who own businesses, too. Of course, I’m going to ask you to “like” them! If I’m annoying then delete me. I promise I won’t be offended but let’s look deeper at what I’m really doing and why.


Every time I ask you to “like” a page or attend an event you see my name. Top of mind awareness (TOMA) is huge. It’s the idea that the first person/company you think about when hearing of an industry or topic is yours. That’s what I want for my clients and it’s what I want for me. When people think of marketing I know they think of “Diane Michael” or sometimes even “Digital Di” among many others. This is very powerful and I am proud to be noticed even if sometimes it’s considered annoying.


Because of the amount of friends and businesses on social sites you probably won’t see many posts in your Facebook feed from pages you follow. I “like” 477 pages. I rarely see any business’ posts. This actually pisses me off because if I hit “like” I want to see what’s going on but because of sponsored posts and algorithms it’s not typical.


Marketing pays my mortgage. Asking you to follow one of my client’s pages allows me to travel the world. When I deliver monthly stats to my clients I love seeing the numbers increase and I know I am part of their growth. It’s a powerful thing so please don’t get annoyed just remember I’m “getting shit done”!

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