We have the honor of working with some pretty amazing groups locally. With our extensive non-profit experience we capitalize our marketing and management efforts to grow organizations and help them run their best!

Often times we create so many volunteers who want to step up that organizations have to have elections because so many people want to get more involved. Like the featured picture that was taken at the 2017 Building Association Managers of Volusia elections with Maurice Bushroe with Blue Ribbon Pools. We had five volunteers going for three seats.

Cause marketing and event management are key components to our mission. Our team partners with local non-profits to execute an array of services as small as consulting to as large as a full production fundraising event.


Too often associations fall behind because of the lack of volunteer support and follow through. That’s where Callan Group Communications comes in. We are currently hired by multiple local associations as their marketing & membership director and their executive director. Our team combines digital strategies and outreach to gain more members which brings in more revenue and leads the tram by creating annual calendars, events, communications, speakers and much more.


Our creative director began her career in non-profit management being recruited by some of the largest organizations in the country including the American Cancer Society, Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce (Upper) and the San Diego Humane Society (North County). The investment each of those agencies put in to their employees was top notch. Coming out of the non-profit sector the roots of Callan Group Communications began by outsourcing our experience to groups who didn’t have the ability, time or compensation to hire a full-time development director. We have worked with great organizations over the years, raising them thousands of dollars, including The Halifax Humane Society, Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare, Stewart-Marchman, ARC of Volusia and many more.

Just ask some of our past clients about our work ethic and deliverables.

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