We wanted to share a recent success story!

Our client, the Little Black Photo Booth in Daytona Beach has the FULL digitally evolved package with Callan Group Communications and we cover every area of their marketing for them online. Are you currently on Facebook for your business? Twitter? Instagram? Google +? If you answered NO to any of the previous questions, we should sit down!

Online marketing is an interesting journey to climb, and seeing results for our clients grow and grow each month only invests us more in it’s power. Think about how often we are on our phones, on Facebook, Googling answers to question we don’t know, liking Instagram photos… now turn all of that free-time people are spending, into money for your business.

This photo draws special attention to the power of Google + and building up your presence organically with this platform. Did you know Google owns YouTube? Having a profile (and connecting it to your G+ profile) not only helps people find you quicker, but it helps increase your ranking on google. But how?

Well first off… Google LOVES Google, so they want to reward people for using their services! Easy enough…there’s so much more but the simplicity of using the platform can turn into bucks quickly!

So do yourself a favor, log into your gmail and create a G+ profile for your business. Upload your logo, interior photos, exterior and more. Next, publish WEEKLY articles on various topics pertaining to your business. Then watch as your exposure BUILD, BUILD, BUILD!

**Little Black Booth has since been sold and a post on Facebook is responsible. Within a week of posting the business had it’s first meeting to sell. Pretty amazing stuff!**

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