With the growing theme of opinion-based feedback, Callan Group Communications (CGC) is expanding their survey offerings.

We hear a ton of comments in our industry. Everything from, people don’t give their email addresses out to their customers feelings on sales and hours of operation. The question is always the same, when have you last surveyed them?

With detailed technology at our fingertips it is easier than ever to gain information. Callan Group Communications has always administered surveys and suggested to clients to do the same.

One can easily go online, (CGC uses Survey Monkey but there are a ton out there), type out questions, design to have responses by scale (1-5) or info box where they can write in their answers. If you’re a smart business owner, you have an email database and can quickly upload the recipients you choose. The program does all the work and generates in depth responses and exportable results.

CGC has decided to expand on survey offerings just as we have always done for every service we have mastered over ten years.

– Identification of who the survey will go to and why
– Creation of suggested questions
– Design and administration of the survey
– Discussion and follow up advise after review of responses

It has always been important to be able to eloquently explain the desires of your clients. Having data to back up your words is crucial. Understanding client needs is part of retention and one can easily do this through a survey.

When CGC began we offered ghost-written newsletters and the response was always either “why would I pay when I can do that myself” or “sign me up, I have no time to do that myself!”

Communications and businesses development is our business. We use technology combined with our business acumen to understand what our clients AND their end users need.

We would love for you to hire us but most importantly we would love to see more business owners gain creditable feedback from their customers by means of surveys.

Contact Digital Di to learn more about how surveys will benefit your present and future business!

Survey services can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual. Price depends on multiple factors including repetition, number of recipients, how many questions and how structured the survey campaign would be.




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