To Hoot or Not To Hoot…

I get the question “Do you use Hootsuite?” pretty often from business professionals and friends when asking about my work. I quickly respond after a reaction that some can compare to a look of disgust with, “not one bit!”

No offense to #Hootsuite…for some people this software may be a life saver, but I have NOT had the same experience. I also don’t like to judge before experiencing, so I tested out for a couple months and tried to use it… however, it was more difficult than following through on my New Year’s Resolution to not drink soda. 😉

There are pros and cons to any software, below I have outlined the ones I think #Hootsuite holds and you can develop your own opinion on whether you’d like to use it or not!


First off…do not mistake quantity over quality  in the below numbers

1. Access to MANY social media networks

With a click of a button you can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all from one web page and monitor them closely.

2. All in one interface

Goes hand in hand with the above point, you can see all of those social networks in one interface. No opening other tabs or logging into various accounts…it’s all there.

3. Advanced Posting Options

Does anyone even post daily anymore? Ha! No way…it’s all scheduled. I build our client’s Facebook posts a full month in advance. To tell you the truth, Instagram is the only day to day upload I actively do.

4. Unique app directory

A feature unique to #Hootsuite is a directory or library that supplies access to more than 100 apps, such as apps for YouTube, Salesforce, Google Drive, and SoundCloud.


1. Confusing

After an entire month of poking around this site, and I like to boast on my tech “saviness” and this site still has me scratching my head.

2. Longer Learning Curve

IF you end up figuring out their website, and that is a strong…IF you have the patient for it. The learning curve is a long time. Platforms like WordPress can be mastered in a meager minute, while Hootsuite left me clicking the big X because I was tired of working this hard to make my life potentially easier.

3. Costs can add up

Although it’s only $9.99 per month that can quickly add up, especially for a small business owner!

So! I leave it to you, to decide whether you will hoot or not…but I personally can wait until a new platform comes out with a much easier and less “pull your hair out” interface.

– Sarah Hechler, prior CGC Account Manager

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