Meet Our Team – Justin Brown

Holy Computer Issues, Batman
Over the years Justin has worn many different hats, professionally. The one that he is most passionate about is a Technology Problem Solver! From working the helpdesk for nation-wide corporations to setting up server systems for local businesses, Justin has been on the job since 2009. Even the smallest mom and pop shop get quality attention when Justin is involved. His tenacity keeps him chipping away at issues until they’ve been resolved; his honesty, however, is […]

Office Away From Home – Daytona Beach

When you’re a traveling marketer, finding the right place to set up shop is key!
The right amount of space, positive energy, strong drinks and great service are a must to settle in to begin typing.
Recently we chose Halifax Yacht Club for our office away from home. What a gorgeous venue located in the heart of downtown Daytona Beach. Bavarian soft pretzel with Yuengling infused cheese dip. Delicious snack for an afternoon pick me up. The pot stickers were great, […]

TIS the Season of GIVING!

TIS the Season of GIVING!
By Callan Group Client, Nita Schmellick, Pres/CEO with Community Foundation of East Central Florida
WE have all heard many stories of nonprofits, some very big and well known, being involved in a scandal or financial mismanagement. How can we trust that when we make a donation to a nonprofit it will be used for good and the agency is fiscally responsible with our money?
About 40% of all individual nonprofit donations are made in December. Charity Navigator […]