Callan Group Communications began as an email newsletter architect agency in 2008. It is still a core aspect of our business, and we constantly remind owners that sending out monthly or biweekly newsletters is so important.

Sending email newsletters has gotten more costly for those that “get it” – who have grown their lists in the thousands. As an ever-evolving team of marketing professionals, the crew at Callan Group Communications found a new platform to save our clients’ money. We are excited to be affiliates with FloDesk which we have found stands out and saves!

Perhaps the biggest draw of Flodesk is its flat-rate pricing. For a flat monthly fee, you can send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of subscribers. This is a big difference to many other email marketing platforms that charge based on the number of subscribers and emails sent, which can get expensive as your list grows – and you definitely want your list to grow! Flodesk’s flat-rate pricing helps you manage your budget more effectively, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

The next great feature is the intuitive template design and drag and drop editor. Flodesk makes it easy to create visually appealing emails that align with your brand. Additionally, Flodesk’s templates are designed to be visually cohesive and modern, ensuring your emails always look polished and professional. This focus on aesthetics helps maintain a strong brand presence with every email you send, making your newsletters more engaging and effective.

Flodesk also integrates seamlessly with various tools and platforms that your business might already be using, such as Shopify, Instagram, and Zapier. These integrations streamline your workflow and enhance your marketing efforts by allowing you to connect Flodesk with your existing systems easily.While other platforms have their strengths, Flodesk’s unique features make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing strategy. Give Flodesk a try and see how it can transform your email marketing efforts.


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