Storytelling is an important style of marketing that is too often overlooked. Everyone loves a good story and behind most businesses lies a GREAT one!

First, you must decide what story you want to tell. Generally, you will start with your purpose.
1. Why did you start your business?
2. Was it to solve a problem that you had previously?
3. Was it something you were always passionate about?
4. Did people keep telling you that you belonged in that particular industry?

I recently heard about a sock company started by twin brothers. The company was inspired by their father who worked on the 92nd floor of the North Tower in NY. On 9/11 their father didn’t make it out. They were only 11 years old. Their mother is 6’1” and their father was 6’5”. The brothers grew up to be 6’9” and 6’11”. Like their father, as you can imagine, they had large feet! They never could find the fun and funky socks their friends would wear in their large sizes. So, they started a company and made them! They say if their father was around today, he would love the socks. Now, that’s a story you will remember in many ways!

It’s important to tell a true story about your business that others will find interesting and will stick with them and that will grab their attention from the beginning! Make them want to learn more! Then, maybe they will even pass it along!

Callan Group Communications (CGC ) has a story of our own. Callan is the owner, Diane Michael’s deceased mother’s maiden name.

When she moved from California in 2008 to Florida to be close to her father during an intense heart procedure, during his recovery, the two sat on the couch creating the company and looked for a name. The simple answer was to bring Mom into it since she is a part of the family’s every day. She played a small role in advertising as the kids grew up. She was a talented storyteller that brought words to life and on the black and white of the local rag in an authentic way.

When you’re ready to tell your story, but don’t know how in the most professional way that will truly connect all the dots, contact CGC. We understand it’s not the easiest thing to boast about yourself! Our experience is shaped with abundance, referrals and smiles by the thousands…some have even created memorable tears!

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