Too busy to respond to online reviews both positive & negative…then you may be a “digital dinosaur”

If your friends and patrons believe in your business, ask them to leave you a comment on popular review sites that are relevant for your industry. Review sites are the place many turn to when traveling, looking for a new restaurant, new doctors or simply where to go for entertainment!

If you are someone who likes to support local businesses or simply loves sharing your comments on review sites remember to share your review on other platforms. This not only lets your social network know how much you love that business, it is great free advertising for them, as well. Take it from us – they will greatly appreciate this gesture! This shows others that you genuinely care about that business and want to see it grow!

Attention Business Owners!

Remember to always monitor your reviews. This is easy and you can populate platforms to notify you immediately when a review is posted. Potential customers are looking to see how you respond to both negative and positive reviews online! Can’t keep up…that’s a good thing but if you aren’t thanking loyal customers/clients for going out of their way to give your business feedback…well, you may be a “digital dinosaur”. Let Callan Group Communications handle your review sites to be sure you never miss an opportunity to speak to a satisfied customer or talk it out with someone who was unsatisfied! We have handled review sites from to to Google.

Review sites are CRUCIAL to your business. If you can’t keep up with them, contact Callan Group Communications to set up a complimentary digital profile on your business to see what we can do for you.

Your online reputation is extremely important. Online reviews are the new “word of mouth!” If this seems like a lot to handle – we’ll do it for you! We handle multiple review sites for multiple clients every day!

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