My body is yelling, “thank you, thank you, thank you,” wow…after a long day I wanted to grab a bottle of vino & relax but still had lots of energy so chose a 30 minute swim instead.

Not only am I now on hemp oil, I’m taking these powder sticks that have ginseng root, maqui berry, guarana seed, B3, B12 for energy….yerba mate & maca power for mood…milk thistle & bacopa extract for detox AND last but certainly not least…coconut oil for collagen.

I throw them all into a glass of water in the morning and I’m SAYIN…in ONE week I am noticing a difference in mood and energy. Let’s see where this will go.

If you want samples…I ordered a bunch! Again, my friends suggested I do this…I listen to people I believe in and so far so good!
~Digital Di

Learn more about the products & company below. If you want to place an order, call Diane at 386-538-1083.

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